Auto Fill Fannie Mae BPOs and forms

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Fannie Mae Equator Platform REO BPOs

"I can't tell you how much this means. I am in awe. This is incredible. I'm flabergasted!" Gloria from Louisiana
The Fannie Mae REO Forms Package includes forms that Fannie Mae hosts on the Equator platform.
These forms are for traditional REO BPOs and also for HECM BPOs. The Package includes 52 Fannie Mae REO forms.
Single-Family Broker Price Opinions and Multi-Family Broker Price Opinions are incluced.

Import from MLS


  Import Sales, Listings, and Subject info.

  Auto populate Sales and Listings grids with MLS data*.

*MLS import does require creating data maps to transform and transfer your MLS data to the fields in the MultiForm forms.



  Pull Broker Price Opinion from Equator (or MultiForm)...

  into Monthly Marketing Report

  Great for when having just completed a BPO and now have an MMR to do.



  Pull Monthly Marketing Report from Equator (or MultiForm)...

  into Broker Price Opinion

  Great for when having just completed an MMR and now have an updated BPO to do.

Single and Multi


  Fannie Mae Single Family BPOs
(Broker Price Opinions)

  Fannie Mae Multi-Family BPOs
(Broker Price Opinions)

  Think of the time savings when productivity is associated with these very large forms!


and Retail

  Traditional REO BPOs


  MultiForm Fannie Mae BPOs also great when used as a professional listing tool!

Auto Fill ⁄ Upload

  Upload in seconds.

  Like you typed it in, only really really really really fast.

  Integrates with Fannie Mae's AMN site and Fannie Mae's Equator site.