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The MultiForm Mobile Solution

A Truly Portable Solution

This very portable, pocketable Forms Solution will prove of great value for you, if your needs, your available personnel, or your locations change from day to day.

Truly Portable

The FormStick™ In order to be 'Truly Portable' a software package would need to be able to go where you go, when you go. If you could just "stick" the software and your data and your pictures in your pocket, now that would be 'truly portable'.

And so, we engineered — to operate totally contained on a USB Flash Drive — The MultiForm Mobile Solution.  This high quality 4GB drive provides you with large storage capacity to handle volumes of completed forms and associated pictures.  No files are ever installed on the host machine; nothing is ever left behind – no files left, no registry settings.

Just plug in the FormStick to any available Windows computer and you are ready to launch MultiForm and complete your forms. The drive can be attached to your keyring, slipped in your pocket, or left somewhere central in your office.

Other forms software companies advertise that you can use their software from anywhere. Just open the browser and log into your account from any computer, they say. They neglect to remind you that an internet connection is required for the duration and to tell you that a 10meg client software program is downloaded onto the client computer. Leaving 10meg droppings everywhere – that's not leaving a clean computer environment. So their's is not really an anywhere solution. The MultiForm FormStick is a truly anywhere solution.

MultiForm Mobile is a Multi-User Solution

If you have multiple people that need to use the software at the same time, then the MultiForm Multi-User Network Installed Version is best for these users.  Still, if there are others who might need to use the software, but not all at the same time or at the same computer and/or might use the software infrequently, then The MultiForm Mobile Solution plays a vital role in that solution.

By way of comparison, the FormStick provides many benefits of the MultiForm Multi-User Network Install. The MultiForm Mobile Solution  Multiple users can use the Forms-On-A-Stick, just as a multi-user install allows for multiple users.  The FormStick is readily moveable; the multi-user network software (or even a single user version) is statically installed and licensed.  The multi-user install has the advantage of multiple people using the software simultaneously; one FormStick can be used by only one person at a time, yet has the advantage of being easily moved from person to person.

Following is a comparison table, showing the similarities and differences of the Multi-User Form Network and the Multi-User FormStick.

Multi-User Network and Multi-User Stick Comparison
MultiForm's Uses... Forms
Multi-User Network Version
Multi-User Stick Version
Used By Multiple Users Multiple People Using MultiForm Multiple People Using MultiForm
Used By Different people
on the same computer
Multiple People Using at Same Computer Multiple People Using at Same Computer
Put In Your Pocket Network Version Can't Go in Pocket FormStick Drops in Pocket
Used At Will
On ANY Computer
Leaving No Trace Behind
Network Version has more requirements on computer use. FormStick Version can be used on any computer.
Portable to
Computers Outside the Office
NetWork can't be taken outside to the Mobile Office FormStick can be taken to the ocean.
Mailed To
Someone at Another Office
NetWork Version resides on a Server FormStick can be mailed to anyone
Taken Home NetWork Version resides on a Server FormStick can be taken home
Taken On A Camping Trip NetWork Version resides on a Server FormStick Can Go Camping
Used In Unison NetWork Can be Used Simultaneously FormStick Used By Only 1 Person at a Time

Primary Support Included

We are offering the same fabulous level of support we have always offered.

Included in the purchase of the Mobile Solution for the primary user is our famous free support – we even pay for the phone call.  Any body other than the primary user may use the MultiForm Stick; any support questions would need to be proxied through the primary user.  If it is desired for any other user of the MultiForm Mobile Stick (besides the primary user) to be able to have direct access to our support, the additional support option below may be exercised.

Additional Options
Multi(All)-User Support
With this support option, any additional user beyond the primary user of the MultiForm Mobile Solution may also call our free support line.  This additional support option can be useful if there are going to be numerous users, and the primary user does not wish to proxy the other users' support questions.  Each and every user may call our Toll-Free Support line as often as needed (1-800-235-1600).  This option is a great value for multiple users.
Forms Change Subscription
This option provides that for any changes to the Fannie Mae forms throughout the year that all changes will be provided automatically.  This option is popular and makes it easy on all.  Instead of contacting you to see if you want the updates, we just send them.  You don't have to even think about calling us to see if there are any changes available.

The Forms Change Subscription is optional: changes and updates to the forms can be purchased separately.  This Subscription is only available for the Single Family and Multi-Family Packages.

Call 1-800-235-1600...
Call 800-235-1600 to Order Your FormStick
To Order the Multi-User MultiForm Mobile Solution.


Core Benefits

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