ResNet Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)

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ResNet BPO Form:CH, ResNet BPO Form:FM, ResNet BPO Form:BPO

"You just don't know how many hours this saves me...", Carolyn from Maryland
These ResNet forms can be completed in minutes.
ResNet BPO Forms CH and FM include adjustments while the ResNet Form BPO does not have adjustments.

Import from MLS


  Auto populate Sales and Listings grids with data MLS data*.

  Save typing comparison grids which are 2/3rds of the BPO.

  Import Sales, Listings, and Subject info.

  Import All comparables or just some in the case of an updated BPO.

*MLS import does require creating data maps to transform and transfer your MLS data to the fields in the MultiForm Res.Net forms.

Fetch Previous Data

  Import data from MultiForm or Res.Net

  Whole BPOs populated in seconds.

  Reuse data instead of typing.

  Overlay any new comps from MLS over older comps.

Auto Fill ⁄ Upload

  Upload in seconds.

  Like you typed it in, only really really really really fast.

  Integrates with Res.Net's BPOs.