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A  few  of  MultiForm's  many  benefits...
  The Officially Tested Fannie Mae AMN Forms Vendor
  Unmatched Productivity
BPO's in minutes.
  Type Only the Differences
Fetch data from multiple sources.
  Import MLS Data into BPO's!
Sales, Listings, even the Subject!
  Work with the Unmatched Original
Not a derivative nor reverse engineered product.
  Free Telephone Assistance
Talk with a real person. We even pay for the call.
  Work Anytime Anywhere
Not dependent upon internet connection or web portal being up to prepare work.
  Adjustments Prefilled with Zeroes
One example of the many effective time savers.
 “This saves me an hour and a half on a BPO.”,Karen from Virginia  “MultiForm has given me back my confidence.”,Rosa from Illinois";  “Using MultiForm is like hiring a personal assistant!”,Patricia from Texas";  “You are a God Send. MultiForm makes all the difference in the world. I am excited and ecstatic at being able to import MLS data.”,Jane from Kansas.  “Your software brought me my family back. I no longer have to work nights and weekends.  I can even play golf now.”  “You don't know how many hours this saves me.”Alan from Arizona  “Couldn't be happier! It has been a life saver.”,Christi from Kentucky;  “You gave me my life back!”,Lisa from Tennessee;

Our time with computer technologies, software, workflow, and forms design is a history that spans the computer revolution, from the inception to its current evolution.

Our lengthy experience influences our approach to software — as summarized in this overview.   Customers provide testimonies to its beneficial results.

Successful implementations of our software are further evidenced by our support policy — which has provided FREE Support for over 34 years.  We even pay for the phone call. How is it that we can afford to provide free free support for our software?  There is only one reason.  It works.

Our Latest Innovation....
The MultiForm™ Mobile Forms Solution

The FormStick™ Our latest release is "The MultiForm Mobile Solution". The truly portable, mobile forms solution. MultiForm is totally self-contained on a USB Drive -- we call it the FormStickTM.

  • Take the FormStickTM anywhere.
  • Use it on ANY Windows compatible computer.
  • No installation of any sort to use it.
  • Stick it in and start the Multiform Mobile software.
  • Software totally self-contained on the USB drive.
  • Close MultiForm Mobile, remove the drive.
  • Take your program and your data with you.
  • NO Files ever left behind on the computer.
  • Mail the FormStickTM to someone else.
  • Hand the FormStickTM to anyone else to use.
  • No installation needed on their computer.

The MultiForm Mobile Forms Solution is truly portable. No internet connection required. No software gets loaded onto the computers you use. FormStick details...


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Date: Jul 04, 2016

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“I can't tell you how much this means. I am in awe. This is incredible. I'm flabergasted!”
Gloria from Louisiana

“Shaves an easy 2 hours off each job,”
Howard from DC

“Really sweet. I am going to tell everyone how great it is.”
Linda from New Hampshire

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Larry from California

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“You just don't know how many hours this saves...”
Carolyn from Maryland

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Ted from California

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Paul from Florida