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New Update: #31
Date: Jun 23, 2017

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HUD Photo Addendum.
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Hurricane Florence Update

We are used to hurricanes. And with Wilmington being the bull's eye target 5 days out we were pretty confident that that wasn't going to stay that way, (what are the odds) so we felt fairly safe. Plus all hurricanes at that location in the Atlantic 5 days out had not made landfall. We were hoping Florence would be the same. However, as it got closer and we were still the bull's eye, the winds were cranking up to 140 miles per hour---which would be catastrophic!!! It looked like even if the winds dropped a bit, that loss of power would be significant and extended. So with an overwhelming amount to do, and many houses to board up, and people to help pack, we made the decision to get out of Dodge.

Our apologies for inconveniences you have experienced. Since the phones are down, and even the telecom companies are having issues, it is probably best for you to send an email to and we will call you back as soon as possbile. Thank you for your patience while we adjust.

As of this afternoon Wilmington was isolated with no ingress or egress. Supplies were only able to get in via the air. Looooong lines at the gas staions. We are not completely sure when we will be able to get back, but hope in a few days things will be better. In the meantime, please send us an email and we will call you back. Again, thank you for understanding.

The First Forms Software System
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Our time with computer technologies, software, workflow, and forms design is a history that spans the computer revolution, from the inception to its current evolution.

Our lengthy experience influences our approach to software — as summarized in this overview.   Customers provide testimonies to its beneficial results.

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Contract Cover Page With Photo.
Closing Statement Cover Page With Photo.
Quick Photograph Addendum
Contract Cover Pge With Photo
Broker Price Opinion
Letter Size BPO, no adjustments.
Broker Price Opinion Cover Page.
Summary of Repair Bids
Additional Photos

Relocation Specialists
Call for new major update information on ERC Broker Market Analysis Forms.



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