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Information takes many forms. As we have been in the forms business for 40 years, we have extended experience in designing forms, data sets, and work flows. We specialize in the gathering of data and information, accurately and expediently, and presenting that information for human and/or computer consumption.  The simple and the complex.

If there are forms that you use, that you would wish to computerize, or computerize better, and you do not find them in the our listed inventory here, no matter.  If you have an in-form-ation need, we can computerize it.  Be it real estate, medical, construction, insurance, corporate, governmental, financial, educational,

If you have a field force, that you wish to gather information directly from the field, and have that information sent directly to you or your corporate computers, to have its XML data absorbed by the computer, and a form image ready to be absorbed by a human, then MultiForm is your solution.

Hence the name MultiForm™, short for The MultiForm™ Solution.  MultiForm is a forms system.  Designed from the beginning to be a system of computering in-form-ation, form and data, form and content.

The design criterior of MultiForm being able to handle multiple forms goes way back.  From the very beginning our objective was not to just give productivity to a single form, but rather to have a form system that would bring productivity to all forms – especially
The MultiForm™ Solution
Simplicity And Sophistication
World's First Electronic Form System
the ones we were using at the time. In the beginning, there were 10 forms in particular that we needed computerized. No such software was available at the time; so we had to make it. In designing a system to do those 10 forms, by it's designed nature it would do 100 forms, 1000 forms, any form. Thus, the first and best electronic forms system was borne, The MultiForm™ Solution.

While all forms have commonality, each form has individual needs. With MultiForm, each form can be customized to needs specific to the form, specific to you, specific to others, and specific to business processes. Thus MultiForm has universal and specific scope. It's power is such that it can create, if need be, forms that morph based upon the content of the responses.

With MultiForm, your forms can be computerized with especially efficient data gathering features, accurate data logic and validation abilities, formatted in a variety of forms for human consumption, and have XML images of the data created for computer/database consumption – getting data from the field/front lines of data gathering to backend data storage in the most efficient manner possible.

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The Broker Marketing Forms Package is now available for download. A package of 18 professional Forms to assist in valuation, marketing, listing relations maintenance communications with sellers, listing clients, and banks. For information or to order either call 800-235-1600 or click here for more information or to buy now.

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