Our support policy is simple:

For 40 years, we have provided FREE Support. We have never charged the primary user for support.  Not even a dime!

Why? you ask...

Well, we have this insane philosophy...  That the software should work for you, and should it ever not, then we should be on the phone with you doing everything we can to make it work for you. We haven't yet seen the logic of other software vendors who charge you to fix their software that was broken at the time it was purchased ...

How can you afford to do this?...

Well, the ONE way we can afford to provide support without charging for it – is because the software works... think about it...

A customer says it for us, “Your software works like it is supposed to work -- ALL THE TIME...” (customer testimonies )

If the software didn't work so well, we would not be able to afford all that support for you, and would be forced to charge you for it. But, so far, in 40 years, we have not yet found the need to charge for support.

MultiForm pays for the support phone call also?...

800 Number Support

Yes.  We have always provided an 800 number for support.  If you are having any issues, we want you to call as soon as possible.  It helps us both out. You can stay productive, and we can keep the software sharp.  We feel like an 800 number will encourage the call. In fact, most issues have their root causes in other computer components besides MultiForm.  And we want nothing in the way of MultiForm working at its best -- even if the issue is someone else's software or someone else's system component!

MultiForm Support

Should you need support, Call 800-235-1600.
If Online Support Assist is needed or desired, we will provide a Code # to type in once you click on the link below.

News & Info

Broker Marketing

The Broker Marketing Forms Package is now available for download. A package of 18 professional Forms to assist in valuation, marketing, listing relations maintenance communications with sellers, listing clients, and banks. For information or to order either call 800-235-1600 or click here for more information or to buy now.

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Relocation Specialists
Call new major update information on ERC Broker Market Analysis Forms.