About Us

Our History

We are THE innovators of the electronic forms system. For 40 years, since 1979, two years before the first IBM-PC was introduced in 1981, we have been creating electronic productivity for forms, in the form of The MultiForm™ Solution Forms Software System.

MultiForm is a leading provider of electronic forms software solutions. Information takes many forms. MultiForm forms software products are designed for users in a variety of vertical markets, among which include real estate, medical, insurance, professional, corporate, educational, and governmental.

Our Mission

MultiForm's mission is

  • to provide the most effortless yet robust data gathering, information workflow, and forms presentation software tools available.
  • to be at the middle of the word in-form-ation.
  • to create results that are worthy of having the words "simplicity" and "sophistication" in the same sentence.

Our Commitment

To that end, we are committed to using all our resources to deliver in-form-ation tools to you that make your life easier and your company more effective. We are committed to providing tools that work, and committed to standing behind them. To that end we have provided free support since 1979 – and that couldn't happen unless the products worked.