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At MultiForm we realize the importance of software training. As a result, we are offering on-going training classes for our customers. Whether it be a first-time MultiForm user, or a customer who has used the application for years, we have designed classes to ensure that our clients are using the application to its full potential. These classes are offered at no charge.

To The Point...

We know agents are busy, so the class format is meant to be short and informative. Please see the links below for upcoming classes. The classes have been designed specifically to address the needs of both our new and experienced users.

Class Formats...

Introductory/General Classes

The Introductory/General Classes are intended to help you hit the ground running, by walking the four corners and making sure you are familiar with the core aspects of MultiForm's productivity features, allowing a form/report to be completed and submitted efficiently.

Training Classes

Our Training classes may vary in its curriculum based on the questions we receive from the field. We also welcome user input to ensure we are addressing your interests during our training classes. These classes will cover topics in greater detail than in the Introductory Classes, bringing familiarity with the details of maximizing productivity and time-savings. These classes may also cover best practices of working with forms and with computers in general.

Individualized or Group Training

If these classes are not convenient for your schedule, please call our office at 1-800-235-1600 and we can set up individualized or group training.

Training Documents

To assist with the Training Courses, and for reference after the training session, view training documents here.

Class Schedule

We deliver through real time live online webinars using GoToWebinar® Choose the class or classes you would like to attend and click the desired link(s) to preregister for the webinar. We recommend that you preregister however if necessary you can join immediately prior to the Webinars.

Links to Next Webinars

OVERVIEW of MultiForm VT with MLS Capabilities

MultiForm VT™ (Virtual Transfer Tool) MultiForm VT with MLS Capabilities

Overview of MultiForm "VT" (Virtual Transfer Tool) new MLS Tool. Auto Fill Comparables from your MLS into MultiForm VT. - Auto Fill Sold and List Comparable Data - Prompts when field data errors are detected - Customize field data prior to Auto Fill - Auto Fill BPO's and Monthly Marketing Reports

Step 1Register (General Training)
Click this link...Register for my Webinar
After you register, you will be sent an email with the confirmation and your specific link to use to join the meeting at the scheduled time.

We would encourage you to register ahead of time, though this is not a necessity.

Step 2Join the Meeting at the scheduled time.
Goto to the link provided in the email received after registering...A few minutes before the scheduled time, with the email that was sent to you at the time of your registration, use the link provided in that email to join the meeting.
Step 3Receiving Audio.
Audio can be received by either using your computer speakers/microphone components or by using the Telephone.

If you will be/are using your speakers, or say a headset, you need nothing else.

If you will be/are using the telephone follow these instructions below...
Dial+1 (314) 627-1518
Access Code
Audio PinShown after joining the meeting.
Webinar ID

MultiForm Video Library

Training Videos will be continually added. Check frequently. Click link to begin video

Importing MLS Data

This video will show how to import Sales and Listing Data into your BPOs and MMRs, saving enormous amounts of time, and adding room for accuracy.

Constructing a Fannie Mae MMR

This video will show how to prepare an updated MMR in 5 minutes by reusing data from a recently completed BPO that has data that is relevant to the current MMR task (esp. sales and listings).

Constructing a Fannie Mae Updated BPO

This video will show how to prepare an updated BPO in 5 minutes or less by reusing relevant information that has already been entered in a previous BPO and a previous MMR.

Broker Sign Off's in 60 seconds

This video shows how a Fannie Mae Broker Sign Off form can be prepared and completed in about 60 seconds.
Reduce 200 clicks to 2.

News & Info

Broker Marketing

The Broker Marketing Forms Package is now available for download. A package of 18 professional Forms to assist in valuation, marketing, listing relations maintenance communications with sellers, listing clients, and banks. For information or to order either call 800-235-1600 or click here for more information or to buy now.

News Update

Relocation Specialists
Call new major update information on ERC Broker Market Analysis Forms.

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Faster BPO Submissions

Click here for more information.
To order MultiForm VT™ (Virtual Transfer Tool) and for more information call our customer service desk.