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DropBox is a file-sharing service that easies and automates the sharing or collaboration of files. Instead of emailing files back and forth, files are copied to a prearranged pre-shared folder on your own computer. These files, without any further action on your part, are then automatically transferred to the computer of the person you are sharing or collaborating with.

They receive your files on their computer automatically with no action on their part. When they have completed their work on the file, you get notification of their changes, which you will then find on your own computer. It's almost like magic, except that behind the scenes the files are getting copied to and from the two computers through the internet.

Utilizing MultiForm and DropBox together allows for a powerful and fast collaboration on forms. The following document will assist you in getting starting with using DropBox and MultiForm. Additionally, there will be DropBox training webinars, and you may also call 1-800-235-1600 for scheduling individual training.

MultiForm Trainer

Amy Lucas

Amy Lucas started her software training career in 1991. She traveled throughout the US to support clients on-site who were converting their credit union software to new systems. Amy has also trained companies on collaboration software and best practices. Since 1991 Amy has been working in the software industry in either a sales, support or training role. Amy is also a licensed NC Broker/REALTOR.