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“Love your software, would recommend it to everyone.  You took the HARDEST part of my job and made it the EASIEST.

Barbara P., Houston, Texas

“Your software saves me 20 hours a week. I have a question for you: Is there a way I can setup fields with data that I can reuse?” After showing her the "fetching" feature that she was apparently not aware of, she added, “Wow... that will save me an additional 10 hours each week.”

Pat S., Reno, Nevada

“If anyone wants to know about your software, just tell them to call me.  I'll tell them they can't do without it – not if they are serious.  I don't know what I'd do without it.”  Jack continues, “We have had software for 2 years and have never been more pleased with any software...  

Simplicity of use
and sophistication of operation
is outstanding.

Jack O., Taunton, MA.

“It's Your Software that made me Number 1.”

Rhonda R., Baltimore, Maryland

It's the best program there is.  When a company calls for me to do a BPO, and I don't have your software for that form, I call you.  If you don't have the software, I call them back and say, 'Sorry, but I won't be able to take the assignment.”

Bob. J, Boise, Idaho

The best thing about you is your support.  When I need help, I can get it.”

Mark M., Decatur, AL.

MultiForm is the only program I keep up and running 24 hours a day.  If the machine is on, MultiForm is running.”

Rick S., Miami Florida

Of all the companies I deal with, none come close to matching your support.

Bobby C. Woodstock, Georgia

The best thing that has happened to us in a long time.  We use it daily.  The reports look good and it saves a lot of time.”

David G., Fairfax, Virginia

I love it.   Cuts my time in at least half.  It's 'almost' fun to do the forms.  The manual is very well written and self explanatory.”

Nancy D., Long and Foster, Fairfax, Virginia

Can't live without the software.

Lynn G. Livonia, MI

That is the best thing since sliced bread...to say that we are appreciative is an understatement!”   He went on to say, with a few things bleeped out here and there, “I am so sick of the #$#!@~*0 software out there.  I wish you all made all my stuff because then it would work.  [Blankety_Blank] Software crashes my machine all the time.  [Another Blankety_Blank] Software is the biggest piece of !@#$ I have ever seen, I would do just as well draw a form in pencil, scan it in , and use word or some other filler to fill out the form.  Also, getting in touch with support for anybody but you is a joke.”  
Hey, that's what he said, or most of it anyway.    :)

Mike D., Denver, CO

“You are the first and only knowledgeable people I have found, even the folks at the computer store don't know as much about computers... Outstanding... Beautiful... This is fun!... Absolutely fantastic... Whoever thought of this is a genius...”   [Editorial comment :) ]   “I'm really impressed... Fantastic... Your rating is off the scale.  [Do you think she likes us?] To which she added, “The support is outstanding.  Availability and access to the customer is 2nd to none.”

Rose S., San Diego,CA

You guys understand our job and what is required of us.  It reflects in the software and its ability to do the job the way we need to.  No one else has that insight... ”

Earl W., Bronx, New York

We tested a lot of Software.  Yours is by far the easiest.  We got it and just started using it.   No big deal about what you are supposed to be doing.  Normally my husband sets everything up for me, but I did everything myself - WHICH WAS LIKE A MIRACE.  It's great!  We just started using it.

Susan O., Seaford, New York

“After installing and using the software, I was sitting there wondering what I could do to improve it...  Oh I know...  You know the green fields?  The ones where you enter the math?  Could you make the green not so dark?“   [Editorial comment :) ]

Lee S., Montgomery, Alabama

Mike is a techie for the firm.  He was helping them set up their network.  He had only worked with the software today.  He said, “I'm impressed with the software.  It has stood the test of time for them.  It is running rock solid.

Mike G., Farmington Hills, Michigan

The Software is wonderful.

Henry L., Chester, New Jersey

“Your Application is great, unbelievable time saver, and when it rolls out of the printer it's very professional.

Todd S. Randolph, Massachusetts

She said ecstatically,  “It is so easy to use and it makes my life easier.  I love it.”

Kerrie T., Temecula, California

As was giving Bill a tour of the software, in just the first 2 minutes of the tour, Bill says, I like this already.

Bill F., Scotch Plains,New Jersey

“Easy to work.  The only time I used the manual was to install the software.  One of the easiest, probably THE easiest, program I've ever used in my computer life.

John G., Beachwood, New Jersey

“We just love it, absolutely love it.  Banks are impressed with it and it won us a new account.

Catherine P., Albany, New York

Your program is a lifesaver.  It's wonderful.”

Andrea B., Spokane,Washington

We really appreciate that a lot of people do seem grateful.  And here are a few more...

“I love it. It's wonderful. ”

Brian B., Lutherville,Maryland

“The forms look professional and it was easy to do.”

Jim W., Clearwater,Florida

Forms are a pleasure because of your software.”

Eileen K.

Kevin, Brad's son was helping Dad with the computer and with his new software, MultiForm.   Kevin, after installing and showing Dad how to use it, had one word for the software, Fantastic!

Brad J., Long Beach, California

The best program since sliced bread.

Barbara D., Lafayette, Lousiana

This is going to save me oodles of time.  This is great.”

Amy G., Woodstock, New York

In response to our call to Howard, just checking in on him, he says,

“I'm more than alright...  No problems...  No anything...
This software is so darn fast it is unbelievable.

Howard B., Towson, Maryland

Roy's company has been using an e-forms software to prep certain real estate forms which was required by their real estate chain.  He states that that software is the worst: and was so bad the manufacturer told them to buy our version because theirs will most likely never be fixed like he wanted it.

Roy, Charlotte, North Carolina

“Your software is a God-Send.”

Jeff B., Leominster, Massachusetts

I'm addicted to your software. It took a 12 to 14 hour process and cut it to under 2 hours. I couldn't do it without my MultiForm software.”

With enthusiasm, she bubbles,

“I would not be able to do what I do without you. You make me look like a genius. I have already FED-X'd the [Company] forms to your office. Please do them too as soon as possible. Hurry.”

She's not done folks..., :)

“We used to use [Other Company's Forms Software] -- It was the worst program in the world.  It was hard to use.  It was buggy.  You had to finish the form that session.  You could not come back to it.  If you did the numbers in the math columns would turn back to zero.  They said it was my problem.  I talked to others who had the same problem.  They said they would fix it but never did.”

She continues,

“You have no idea how much simpler you have made my life.  You have cut hours off the process.  Your software is an incredible time saver.”

Rhonda R., Baltimore, Maryland (Again)

Since I've gotten your software, I can't use my computer very much...  because all my assistants keep telling me to get away from it so they can use your software.”

Tanya S., Leesburg, Florida

“Just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying the benefits of using your forms!  Time is money for all of us and your forms help me to optimize my time and my assistant's.  I am also confident that the reports that leave my office are clear and consise and represent me to my clients as the professional that I am.”

On another note, she continues,
“I thank you for your time, patience and perseverance on my behalf!”

One more thing, she says,

“The next thing you should invent is a 'scratch and sniff for forms'.”   I hesitate, then have to ask, 'Scratch and Sniff?'   She says, “Yes, because these forms that are produced are such beauties.  They [those receiving the forms] should have the full experience.”      :)

Bonnie W., Longwood, Florida

I could not exist without you.

Jodi K., Richardson,Texas

We had emailed her the software and had called to make sure she got things going quickly.  After installing, we were giving her a few instructions on the use of the software, so she could hit the ground running, and she made a number of comments along the way...

“ Absolutely fantastic... you really are good... oh, my goodness... fabulous... unbelievable... I'm so excited... Most fabulous form software I've ever seen in my life... Son of a gun... I knew this [filling out forms] could be easier... Wonderful... Fabulous... Just great... Just unbelievable... My husband will be ecstatic, we have struggled for years to find good forms software.

Sondra L., Gretna, Louisiana

“Doing the photos is so easy... I like it, MultiForm is a good system.   For speed, ease of use, and stability, you have no rival.”

Steve A., Plantation,Florida

After printing for the first time: Absolutely perfect... awesome... wonderful... really cool... really looks good – even on my lousy printer...  this is too amazing.   And you say I can do digital photos too?   Fabulous!”

Pam B., Arlington, Texas

Your help was fantastic - outstanding.  We enjoy this program so much!  Continue your great job!

Mike J., Campbell, California

And a few more...

Been doing these forms for them for 11 years.  Must have done thousands.  This is the first time in 11 years they are not a pain to do.  With your software, everything is simplified.

Buzz M., Longview, Texas

If the form isn't available on your software, I tell them I can't do it for them.  I'm not willing to do them any other way after the convenience of doing them on your software.”

He goes on to say,

“Time is money and if you have to do it any other way, you're losing money.  I'm running a business.  With my free time I don't really want to spend it learning about software.   That's why I like your software so much.  It's so darn easy.  Just put it in and you're ready to go.”

Peter T., La Mesa, California

I love your software.  I have several packages from other vendors, for other forms [This Vendor and That Vendor].  Yours is by far the easiest to use.”

John F., Lancaster, Ohio

At a convention, while standing quitely by listening to us talk to a prospect, Carlton, who wanted to talk to us about other forms, turns and interjects to the prospect,  “You need this software.”

Carlton P., Bogart, Georgia

I love your new software. And doing the pictures is just too easy.  I used to go through this long process of handling photos.  Now I just select the picture and it's there sized and ready to go.  Sometimes I allow myself half the day to do a report, but then I'm done in just a little while.” [...and have time to go to the beach or golfing  :)  ]

Ronald O., Honolulu, Hawaii

You are making my life so much easier.  I have converted some of my clients to using this form instead of their antiquated on-line BS.   I really appreciate your software, and I appreciate your people even more.  Whenever I have called, everybody has already been very courteous.  I have been told that whatever the issue, 'we'll fix it'. Your software is as good as your tech support.  You understand us real estate people.

Appreciation was expressed to Bob for his comments, to which he replied,   “Well it's the gospel truth. You may tell anybody to call me.”

more from... Bob J., Boise, Idaho

I love you guys.  You guys are so great.  I mean, everything you all do is just so fantastic.  It just makes my job so much easier.  You guys are great, that's all there is to it.

Dorothy J., Hartsdale, New York

I got your software about a month ago.  I just have one word to say about it - fantastic.  You've helped me do a better job.

Tim W. Orange, California

I want you to know the new version is just wonderful.  It will help me save money.  It is already helping me make money.  It is easy to use.  The reports from the old version fit right in. I must say, the FINAL RESULT IS WORTH IT.

Ralph F., Tempe, Arizona

As he was being given a tour of the software, Ted says progressively...

“I like what I see...
I like what I see a lot...
I really like what I see...
You did good!

Ted M., Tempe, Arizona

No matter where I go, you will always be a part of me.”

Naomi C., Chandler, Arizona

It's too cheap.  You guy's should be selling it for a lot more.  Other solutions like template fillers and 'on-line' forms where you have to constantly resort to the mouse, you might as well be using a typewriter.  There is certainly a difference between the worst car on the road and the best.  You guys are selling the best.

Russell C., Waco, Texas

Almost look forward to doing forms now.[ :) ] “Now when someone brings me a form to do and I have it in your package, I say 'oh cool'.  I am just so happy with your software.”

Bob B., Aiea, Hawaii

My assistant that fills out the forms said she could not believe how easy your software is to use.  I had told you we didn't like the [Other Software] 'stuff' we had, but we had no idea just how rotten it was until we saw yours.  It's absolutely the easiest to use software she has ever seen.  We love it and it's hard to believe the difference.

Debbie B., Portland, Oregon

More yet...

After showing Fred the fetching feature, he says, “You are a life saver. I can go home now.

Fred S., Little Rock, Arkansas

Your software works like it is supposed to work -- ALL THE TIME...   The 2 reports I've done since I've bought it, I've gotten both listings.   I can't help but believe it's because your software helps me present such a professional image... ... Don't change your software...   When it's solid, it's solid."

Phil M., Brandon, Florida

Not only were you there on Saturday, but you know what you're doing.   You have old-fashioned service...   It prints just like in the movies.”     Happy cries in the background of on-lookers as it comes out of the printer.

Dave S., San Diego, California

“Thanks for your understanding support and 1st person help. I'll testify to your good service!

Herman B., Coleyville, Texas

“ Man, I !***#$%g love this stuff.  Your software is the best thing I've ever seen.  I know everyone hates change but this time the change is definitely for the better.  ...I can't believe what a difference this makes and I am just on the first one.  ...It only takes about 10 minutes before it becomes obvious how much better this is going to be.  It's un!@#$%***g believable how easy this is.  Thanks again,  I mean this program is fantastic.

Joe R., Amarillo, Texas

While updating an order Dan wanted to share with us,  “You know, we also have appraisals and other forms on [Another FormsSoftware Company] and other forms companies, but your stuff is our favorite.  It's just so much easier to use that all of my agents dread dealing with any of the forms software except yours.”?

Dan O., Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania

After walking her thru adding photos to her forms she was most happy, saying,  “You are so awesome!  Thank you....thank you...thank you.....  This is the best!  Thank You!  I can't believe it!  You have made my day!  Thank you....thank you....thank you....thank you.....”  Altogether, she thanked us 12 times.  Thank you, Marcia...

Marcia Y., Old Saybrook, Connecticut

You don't know how easy your software makes the CMA process. This is gorgeous. I am amazed.

Tom P., Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Beautiful... Oh My Gosh... Impressive.

Suzanne R., Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Tim said, after being taken on a tour of the software and its features, It looks like you folks spent some time designing this software.  Tim, thank you, Yes, we do spent quite some time designing the software.  We figure out how is the best and quickest way for the software to operate, and then we set about making it work that way, no matter if that design makes the programming difficult, which it usually does.

Tim S., Harlingen, Texas

“This software is AWESOME.  I will be spreading the word.”

Adrian S., Baltimore, Maryland

A new customer at the time, having just ordered his first package several weeks prior, calls back, “I like how it works. Let me have the HomeSteps Package also.”

Felix D., Las Vegas, Nevada

“Your software is the best thing to happen to me in this business!

Behrooz F., Atlanta, Georgia

“Your software is going to be a big help.  And my son who has checked out the software tells me it is really strong software.  My son is a licensed real estate agent, and does all my computer stuff.”

Pat Q., Council Bluffs, Indiana

“Absolutely the coolest stuff I have ever seen.  There is no way you could know how helpful it is.  Holy Cow.”

Pat Q., Council Bluffs, Indiana

“I still use your software.   Because its clean, neat, and fast.  I've tried the others.

Bob. H., Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Best program I've EVER seen.

Rudy L., Bossier City, Louisiana

“You're Number 1 baby.   We have looked at them all.  Your software is the best.”

Sheila K., Reading, MA.

“Robin said she doesn't care what it costs, just buy it”

Donna J., Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We humbly thank all our customers.  We are grateful for your comments.  It pleases us greatly that we can make your lives better, simpler, easier, more professional, and more productive.   We live to serve.