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REO BPOs and Forms


This GOLD REO Package includes 67 productivity forms for doing REO work for Fannie Mae and many third party banks, such as Bank of America, Capital One, ResNet, Pyramid, etc. It also includes HECM and Standard REO forms both on and off of Fannie Mae's Equator platform.

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Included BANK REO Forms
  1. Bank of America Initial BPO
  2. Bank of America Drive-By BPO
  3. Bank of America Updated BPO
  4. Caliber Home Loans BPO
  5. Carrington BPO
  6. Capital One BPO
  7. Green River BPO
  9. Matt Martin BPO
  10. Nation Star BPO
  11. Pyramid BPO
  12. Ocwen BPO
  13. ResNet CH BPO
  14. ResNet FM/FMU BPO
  15. ResNet BPO (No Adjustments)
  16. Resurgent BPO
Included Fannie Mae REO Forms
  1. (FNMA on Equator) Single Family Broker Price Opinion
  2. (FNMA on Equator) Multi-Family Family Broker Price Opinion
  3. HECM Single Family Broker Price Opinion
  4. HECM Multi-Family Broker Price Opinion
  5. (FNMA on Equator) Single Family Monthly Marketing Report
  6. (FNMA on Equator) Multi Family Monthly Marketing Report
  7. (FNMA on Equator) Broker Sign Off
  8. Additional Photo Addendum
  9. Amendment to Closing
  10. Contract Cover Form
  11. Contractor Repair Addendum
  12. Debts and Liens Affidavit
  13. Discoloration Release
  14. Door Hanger Notice
  15. Errors and Omissions Correction Agreement
  16. Floor Covering Bid
  17. Floor Covering Bid -- National Contractor
  18. Hazard Insurance Claims Checklist
  19. Incident Report
  20. Know Your Options
  21. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
  22. National HVAC Service Request
  23. Multiple Offers Notification
  24. Notice of Termination
  25. Notification to Listing Agent
  26. Occupant Purchaser Information
  27. Owner Occupant Certification Rider to Purchase Adm.
  28. Photograph Addendum
  29. Property Checklist
  30. Property Condition Assessment Due to Sudden Disaster
  31. Purchase Addendum W/ Supplements (Legal Version)
  32. Purchase Addendum W/ Supplements (Letter Version)*
  33. Receipt Form [CT Only]
  34. Release of All Claims
  35. Relocation Assistance and Release (US)
  36. Relocation Assistance and Release (CA-NON UP FRONT)
  37. Relocation Assistance and Release (CA-UP FRONT)
  38. Relocation Assistance and Release (CT)
  39. Relocation Assistance and Release (NJ)
  40. Relocation Assistance Acknowledgment (NJ)
  41. Repair Bid(Broker's Scope)
  42. Summary of Repair Bids (SAM Version)
  43. Summary of Repair Bids
  44. Supplement to Master Listing
  45. Supplement to Purchase Addendum (Occupy)
  46. Supplement to Purchase Addendum (PE)
  47. Supplement to Purchase Addendum for Tenant Occupied Property Sold
  48. Tax Proration Agreement
  49. Title Issue Checklist
  50. W9 Request for Taxpaer ID
  51. Waiver of Condition At Closing
  52. Winterization Checklist
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