In a flash

The HUD Photo Addendum consumes enormous amounts of time. Randy timed it.
To quote Randy from Pennsylvania, "It [MultiForm] took the task of completing one photo addendum from 2 hours to 8 minutes."

Instant Photos

  Select multiple photos at once.
    Click, Shift Click, or Ctrl Click

  ...automatically compressed and sized to fit on selection.

Instant Captions

  Automatically use photo names as captions if desired.

  Manual photo captions are almost automatic. Type caption, press Enter, repeat.

Upload PDF

  Upload PDF of Sage/Hud Photo Addendum in seconds.

  PDF size has been optimized with compressed photos.

Included HUD Form
     HUD ⁄ Sage Photo Addendum

The Photo Addendum includes a cover page, if desired, and 20 pages of additional photos at 6 photos per page. A total of 120 photographs can be included.

Cover page on left (is optional) and 3 of 20 additional photo pages...
from this...
Frustration this!

Desktop HUD Photos Subscription
Item Invest Just Add
Annual Subscription: Invested Monthly $19.00/mo. Add
Annual Subscription: Invested Annually
(Saves $39 over the year)
$199.00/yr. Add
Free Toll-Free Support (800-235-1600).
Includes all forms updates throughout the year. Includes all new forms added to the package throughout the year. New forms constantly being added to package.
Let us know of servicers you use not yet in the package.
Includes 1 activation.

Additional activations at reduced investment. On the annual service monthly investment for each additional activation add $10/mo. On the annual service yearly investment for each additional activation add $100/yr. Significant savings on additional activations. Additional activations are entered once on the cart.

 “It [MultiForm] took the task of completing one photo addendum from 2 hours to 8 minutes,
Randy from Pennsylvania