“You gave me my life back!”

Lisa from Tennessee

Fannie Mae 4 Pg BPO
Fannie Mae 4 Pg BPO
as used on Equator
  Complete BPOs with minimal typing.
  Almost No Typing with Updated BPOs.
  Reuse data from previous BPO.
  Import MLS Comp Data into both BPO and MMR.
  Major Productivity on FNMA's BPO and MMR and other forms.
  Use Lists of Answers to choose from. We call them Word Windows
  Newer MMR Comps fetched into BPO.
  Newer BPO Comps fetched into MMR.
  61 additional FNMA Forms.

Hud Raine BPO
With optional
Cover Page
(Click for larger image)
  Complete BPOs with minimal typing.
  Almost No Typing with Updated BPOs.
  Reuse data from previous BPO.
  Import New MLS Comp Data.
  Auto caption with photo filenames if desired.
  Mostly Automatic Manual photo captions. Type caption, press Enter, repeat.
  Hud Raine BPO
  Hud Photo Addendum 120 photos.
  Hud Property InspectionReport with photos.
A few of MultiForm's many benefits...
Fannie Mae Approved. The Officially Tested Fannie Mae AMN Forms Vendor.
Unmatched Productivity. Complex Forms completed in minutes.
  Avoid Typing
Type Only the Differences. Fetch data from multiple sources.
  Import MLS Data!
Import Sales, Listings, even the Subject data into the form!
  The Original
Work with the Unmatched Original. Not a derivative nor reverse engineered product.
  Free Support
Free Telephone Assistance. Talk with a real person. We even pay (800#) for the call.
  Work Anytime
Not dependent upon internet connection or web portal being up to prepare work.
Adjustments Prefilled with Zeroes. One example of the many effective time savers.
 “This saves me an hour and a half on a BPO,
Karen from Virginia
 “MultiForm has given me back my confidence,
Rosa from Illinois
 “Using MultiForm is like hiring a personal assistant!
Patricia from Texas
 “You are a God Send. MultiForm makes all the difference in the world. I am excited and ecstatic at being able to import MLS data,
Jane from Kansas.
 “Your software brought me my family back. I no longer have to work nights and weekends.  I can even play golf now.
Jerry from California
 “You don't know how many hours this saves me,
Alan from Arizona
 “Couldn't be happier! It has been a life saver,
Christi from Kentucky;
 “You gave me my life back!
Lisa from Tennessee;

Our time with computer technologies, software, workflow, and forms design is a history that spans the computer revolution, from the inception to its current evolution.

Our lengthy experience influences our approach to software — as summarized in this overview.   Customers provide testimonies to its beneficial results.

Successful implementations of our software are further evidenced by our support policy — which has provided FREE Support for over 40 years.  We even pay for the phone call. How is it that we can afford to provide free free support for our software?  There is only one reason.  It works.

Contract Cover Page With Photo.
Closing Statement Cover Page With Photo.
Quick Photograph Addendum
Contract Cover Pge With Photo
Broker Price Opinion
Letter Size BPO, no adjustments.
Broker Price Opinion Cover Page.
Summary of Repair Bids
Additional Photos


“You are a life saver. If I didn't have you guys, I wouldn't do this job!”

Pat from Colorado

“This is a lifesaver. When you don't have MultiForm you can definitely feel the strain.”

Jamie from Tennessee

“I can't tell you how much this means. I am in awe. This is incredible. I'm flabergasted!”

Gloria from Louisiana


“Fundamentally changed my workload: MultiForm takes the drudgery away. Takes the punishment away. Can do the work leisurely and not feel burdened or taxed.”

Harris from Asheville

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Bill from New York

“MultiForm has given me back my confidence,”

Rosa from Illinois

Still More...

“Couldn't be happier! It has been a life saver,”

Christi from Kentucky

“Did anyone tell you, you are Realtor angels?”


“I love working with you guys!”

Bill from Ohio